Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fire safety week:)

I wasn't really intending on going over fire safety with my kiddos last week, however after visiting our local fire station, I realized that we haven't discussed fire safety.  We still have quiet a few kinks to work out in case we have a fire...and we should probably move on those pronto since a fire could happen at any moment.

I found quiet a few videos on Youtube covering many topics of fire safety and prevention.  The kids also received a goodie bag from our station and we used the activity book as a guide for our week.

Here are a few pictures from our fire station visit!  The kids road around in the fire trucks....well I lost count but it was around maybe 100 times....or maybe 10.

School pics!

Weston wearing his hat:)
 Jocelyn practicing stop, drop, and rolling:)
 The kids getting ready to learn!:)

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  1. These kids are awesome... I think they are all smart and talented children, they deserved to be protected and be safe with us. Safety first!