Tuesday, March 15, 2011

60 Day Body Challenge: Begins!

Today I signed up for a 60 day body challenge that is being coordinated by two of my local friends.  They started off by thinking only a handful...maybe 20 or so ladies...would be interested in joining the challenge, but word spread and when I did my weigh-in this morning, 32 ladies had signed up and more were still coming in the door!!   There will be a nice monetary prizes for the winners in the end...hopefully I am one of those winners...but if I am not I am hoping that I at least meet my goal of shedding this extra baby weight and toning up a little bit before I hit the water with the family.  I am not pregnant this summer, nor planning on being pregnant, so I have no excuse this year!  So what was my weight as of this morning 165 lbs.  Yes you read that! I made it public for the entire world to see.   Well I don’t think the entire world reads this, but for those who do…now you know.  Now you can be my eyes or even my support if I happen to be around you.  I will be tested many times.  I have several occasions coming up in the next 60 days from church potlucks, to birthday parties, to my sister visiting, to going away parties, to MOPS breakfasts’, to family outings, to being on the road.  Food is my weakness…big time.  I love chocolate and desserts of all varieties.  I love making cakes and cookies for my family.  I top off each meal with a piece of chocolate..or two..or three…or four….you get the idea.  I love sweets!  My game plan is to cut out the junk,  eat a bit healthier, and not to eat seconds during dinner time.   I plan on doing some type of physical activity during the day.  I have several work out DVD’s and a inside training bike.  I also plan on working out at the Y swimming laps and working on the elliptical.  So please be supportive of me while I begin this journey…if we are around food! 

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