Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Easton is 2!

 My little guy is two!  When we first found out that we were having a boy (Easton), Sean and I were very excited.  I was also really nervous, because I had no clue on raising boys.  So far Easton has been a sweet little boy....but mischievous at the same time.  He is a very busy and if you have read other posts, he likes to get into just about everything.  He is getting better as long as I keep him busy with an activity.  He enjoys playing with Katelyn and loves to be outside.  His best friends so far are our dog Maggie, Sean, and my dad.  He has become my little helper boy and will help me with whatever I need.  He listens to key words and tries to race his sissies into completing tasks.  His favorite household chores are sweeping the floor (he is really meticulous...kind of funny to watch) and emptying trashes.  He also likes to clean things with wet wipes.  He definitely keeps us on our toes, but we love him to pieces!  Happy 2nd Birthday Easton!

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