Thursday, March 10, 2011

Giveaway winner & All about penguins...week 1

 I hosted  a giveaway for my friend Stacie on Monday...she picked a winner....drum roll please....Donna Ramsey!!!! Congratulations Donna!!  To see Stacie's countdown blogs click here: countdown blocks

This week our main focus was on penguins.  There are a ton of activities that I wanted to do with the girls, but we just ran out of time, so hopefully next week we can finish up.  
Backing up, we started off the week by reading about Hannah in the bible.  Jocelyn already learned the story in church, but repetition is the key to learning--isn't it?  If you want to read the story yourself, it is in 1 Samuel 1...power of prayer and promises!  Good story!  
The girls' Bible verse for this week was the first part of  
Isaiah 43:5:
 Do not be afraid for I am with you always.
They then wrote out their verse and colored a picture.

 Day 1 of penguins:
After we worked on the nitty gritty stuff for school and had snack of course, we then moved on to our theme.  We started off by discussing what the girls already knew about penguins

and then what they didn't know.

We then discussed how there wasn't just one type of penguin...there are at least 16 different types!  We looked at pictures of the different types of penguins, talked about where they live by looking at the world map, and answered the questions on the chalkboard about what they didn't know.

Next we watched some videos on YouTube on penguins.  The kids got to listen to the sounds that penguins make and different ways that they act.
We talked about terms related to penguins such as: molting, creche, krill, tobogganing etc. and they made a little fold out book related to those terms...thanks mom for your garage sale find!
We then tuned into the critter cam at our local zoo and watched the zoo keepers feed the penguins.  The kids loved that.  I am sure the zoo keepers had no idea we were watching!
 They then colored a picture of a penguin.  Jocelyn loves the color by number pictures, so I found one somewhere online.
 I needed a I had the girls watch part of the movie March of the Penguins.  I love this movie.  Such an amazing creature!  Hopefully they can finish the movie next week.  You can click on the link to download it from Netflix.  
Day 2:  
We continued our penguin study by making a penguin out of construction paper.
We then reviewed the terms that the girls learned yesterday and we played a matching game with those terms written out on laminated flashcards.

I then hid penguins all around the house and the kids had a scavenger hunt to find them.
We then concluded the day by reading the story "Little Penguin's Tale".  You can click on the image below to purchase a copy on Amazon.
 Day 3: 
We didn't do any reading, writing, or arithmetic in the "normal" fashion...we did it with cooking!  Well I guess we didn't do the writing part.  The girls helped me make penguin cupcakes.  Notice anything missing from these penguins...we should have put another cookie for the black head of the penguin and then used white frosting to stick the eyeballs on.  Ooops...I wondered why they looked so weird!
Can't forget about my boys!  
First off is a picture is of Easton lounging in the girls' closet...he went and got the step stool from their bathroom and is just relaxing and taking in all of this talk about penguins!
Weston hanging out in his exersaucer.
 Easton wearing Katelyn's dress shoes and carrying around a bunny rabbit basket (Sean was thrilled to see this)
and the boys hanging out together!
Tune in next week as our journey continues....

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