Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hi-lites and lo-lites from this past week

This past week has been filled with several hi-lites and low-lites.  I finally feel like I am getting caught up with little projects that I have been wanting to do for a while now.  Warning: this is a long post.  

Hi-lite:  Jocelyn finally got her girls day out with me (and Weston of course).  We took off while Katelyn and Easton were napping and finished up spring clothing shopping for both her and Weston.  Love shopping without having to keep track of all of the little munchkins.
Low-lite:  All of the kids seem to have colds.  Lots of snot noses and little coughs around here.  Lots of Kleenexes in the trash!

Hi-lite:  We had a really good week in school.  It is always so much fun seeing the girls learn new things.  The focus of the week was on penguins (see my last post).  We all learned quite a bit about this bird!
Low-lite:  Sean was sick again.  Just a bummer seeing him sick.

Hi-lite:  I was not sick!  Sean jokes that I received enough penicillin after Weston was born that I am immune to everything…not thinking it works that way, but wouldn’t that be great if it was true!  I am always sick this next week coming up.  I CAN NOT be sick this next week.  I have a big commitment on Friday that I can not miss.  Plus I have a hot date with this hot guy on Friday night…we have sitters for all day Friday-Saturday morning!
Low-lite:  Katelyn had to go to the Dr. twice.  I really dislike going to the Dr. with all of the kids.  Waiting in a waiting room full of people and then being stuck in a little room while you wait for a Dr. to come in…is NOT fun.  Turns out she had a double ear infection.  Thank goodness for good antibiotics and she felt better the next day.

Hi-lite:  On the previous low-lite, thank goodness for a hospital 12 miles up the road that now has a pediatric Dr. staffed Monday-Thursdays and who accepted us right before closing.
 Lo-lite:  Wal-mart pharmacy.  Have I told you how much I dislike the Wal-mart in Crete?  I won’t, because you would be mad if I told you my true feelings.  It is not my favorite place.

Hi-lite:  Chinese buffet in Crete after a last minute Dr. appointment and a dreadful trip to Wal-mart.  Need I say more?  Who can say no to a Chinese buffet?
Lo-lite:  Missing MOPS.  It was by choice.  I am sure my kids would have been ok in the nursery however, there are a TON of things going around and with having colds all week, and ear infection from Katelyn, and it was a beautiful day outside…we checked in for a minute to drop off food and left.  I missed visiting with my friends.

Hi-lite:  We visited with some friends that we haven’t  seen in over a year.  Our time was limited, but it was great to get caught up with them.
Lo-lite:  I found out it is official…one of my good friends from Lincoln is moving to California at the beginning of April.  I am so sad:(  I know this is a great opportunity for her family, just still sad.  I hope they will have room for visitors!

Hi-lite:  I received 150 pages of good reading material…Marketing Research projects.  Doesn’t that sound really exciting?  Well actually to me it was!  Thank goodness for a nursing baby. I breezed through those projects in two days and really enjoyed reading and grading them.  I get to judge the students next week at a DECA competition.  Brings back good memories from when I taught Marketing.  Loved, loved, loved reading them…that is why I can’t be sick next week.  Can’t!
Lo-lite:  Stressed about being sick this next week….probably shouldn’t since I think stress can lead to being sick.

Hi-lite:  Sewing.  I am not a good sewer (yes I know that isn’t the right word).  I sewed the girls some aprons and I made a race track playmat for Easton. 
Lo-lite:  Wish I could sew a straight line better and have more time to sew….Easton is a pain to sew around…he cries the entire time while I sew, so it is a pretty hard thing to do during kid waking hours.

Hi-lite:  I organized all of our homeschooling materials and put them in a database so I could see what we actually have.  It feels good to get that checked off the list before I attend an upcoming homeschooling conference…so I won’t be tempted to buy anything while I am there.
Lo-lite:  Wish I would have organized these things a long time ago.  A little overwhelming to see what I actually have.  I guess I will have 4 kids going through the homeschooling journey, so it will be ok!  Thank goodness for some good garage sales and a mom who has a lot of teaching materials.

Hi-lite:  Cooking with the girls all Thursday morning to make meals for a few friends. 
Lo-lite:  My friend Megan getting sick and not being able to visit us.

Hi-lite:  Getting a few good books this week.  I have scanned through a few of them and am still waiting to receive one in the mail.  The first was The Mission of Motherhood…good reviews from friends, so I thought I would buy it.  The other is Our Best Bites cookbook…apparently it was sent via extremely slow snail mail…eager to get it!  The third was Home Learning Year by Year.  I read through the preschool and kindergarten section.  It provides lists of what is recommended that a child should learn in school year by year.  Just wanted to see if I was missing something.  So far so good for both girls in each grade level.  This will be a great resource to refer to while we continue our homeschooling journey.
Lo-lites:  Back to the cookbook that I bought…I am starting a 60 day body challenge on Tuesday, so my guess is that I will have to resist cooking many of these recipes.

Hi-lites:  I am preparing to start this 60 day body challenge.  Trying to figure things out and what my game plan will be.  Because of the number of participants the winning prize has been capped at $800 and there are more places to be rewarded.  Not too shabby, but I MUST come up with a solid game plan as I believe the competition will be tight.  I can’t go on any extreme diet plan because I am nursing a baby.  I joked that maybe I should just get lypo and call it good.  Lots of friends giving advice..thanks!
Lo-lites:  So working out…getting geared up to start an intensive workout plan.  Not exactly sure what yet…should probably decide.  Now if Sean and I can figure out what this sharp pain in my right foot is.  We are thinking it is a thorn way deep inside as we found a whole bunch of thorns in our bed…thanks to our dog Maggie.  Ugh….might be painful to workout, so we will see!

Hi-lites:  Finishing up Easton’s summer shopping and now I am all done with the kids besides a few miscellaneous accessories.  Yeah…come on warm weather…I would like to put away winter clothes!
Lo-lites:  Hoping that he doesn’t outgrow them too fast like he did with his winter apparel.

Hi-lites:  Going to the Omaha zoo on a wonderful Friday afternoon with my aunt and family.  It was such a nice day! 
Lo-lites:  Finding out that the party we were in town for that evening was cancelled.

Really, really, really lo-lite:  The party was cancelled because my friend’s 5 year old son was admitted to the hospital and then transferred to the children’s hospital.  He had to be intubated and his heart is having problems keeping up and he has some sort of infection in his blood.  They are still trying to figure a lot of things out.  Please pray for him and his family….A LOT!

Lots of families struggling right now…from families losing their loved ones, to a friend’s husband who is still looking for a kidney (read post about this), to lots of sick kiddos…lots of things to pray for!

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