Friday, March 4, 2011

One day school week....David & Goliath

So we did school a total of 1 day this week.  Yes you read that right.  One day.  But I think our kids are doing just fine.  They can learn so much by being out in the community, traveling, and just being kids.  Me on the other hand...I am a bit overwhelmed.  My husband reminds me...A LOT...that the things I choose to do with our kids, for our kids, for our family, and for myself are pretty much optional...with the exception of certain things like feeding, clothing, bathing, cleaning, school etc.  I am talking about the extras like sewing projects I want to take on, volunteer opportunities, Uppercase Living parties, play dates with friends, activities at the Y, home schooling conferences, MOPS....the list seems to go on.  All of these are optional, but all of these things I want to do...some for sanity purposes...some so I don't feel so isolated in our neck of the woods...some so my kids don't get so sick of me and can play with friends....some so I can have alone time (free childcare at the Y & MOPS--yes!!) in this very week of only being home for two days due to traveling...I am overwhelmed.  So while my husband is out of town, I am taking Friday off from doing any kid related goal is to work like crazy to get a million and one things done, so when we get back to a semi-normal schedule next week I can be focused on school rather than other activities of things I "want" to do but don't have to do.

So what did we do on our day of school?  We did our normal reading, writing, math, and spelling.  We studied the story of David & Goliath.  Good story if you haven't read is in 1 Samuel 16 & 17 in the Bible.  It is about a young boy David, who knew he could defeat Goliath with the help of God, even though King Saul warned him of Goliath's strength and size.  David was able to defeat Goliath with a slingshot and a stone.  Amazing how he trusted in the Lord to protect him.  We then did a little stone activity of our own.  I got the idea on the DLTK's Growing Together activity website. I used little glass pebbles and labeled 5 little ones with the name D-A-V-I-D and a big one with a G for Goliath.  I then marked off a square with masking tape and had the girls see how many tries it took to use the little pebbles to push the big G pebble outside of the square.  They had a really good time playing the game.  
Kind of hard to see because the stones were shiny.
Jocelyn concentrating
Hopefully next week we will have some more fun stop..penguins (and other things)!

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