Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Our Missouri Trip- February 2011

I love, love, love going to Missouri to see Sean's family.  The kids love it too.  Sean and I both love watching the kids play with their cousins and spend time learning new things about life on a farm.  (can you count how many times I used LOVE?)  Anyways, we took a quick trip down there this last weekend.  We hadn't been there for 6 months so it was so nice getting caught up with everyone.  It is a long drive, but well worth it.  We spent most of the time chit chatting so I don't have very many pictures, but the kids did make pizza's on Sunday afternoon.  They also made a play fort out of hay bails (no picture) and made up a skit where they were sleeping and awoke to a fire and their cousin came in to save them.  I video taped it, but I will spare you:)  So now we are back to the normal daily grind and a day working on a mountain of laundry.
Making pizza
Easton waiting for some more deer meat

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