Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Week 2 of the Healthy Body Challenge!

Well I am in week 2 of a healthy body challenge that 32 ladies and I are participating in.  So far there have been up and down moments.  I am still a little weak on willpower when I am around sweets.  If we don’t have them in our house I do ok.  We don’t exactly live near fast food or grocery stores, so I can’t exactly swing in and grab something.   Katelyn was sick during the first week of the challenge and Easton during the second week, so I was a bit more grounded and forced to stay home.  It was Easton’s birthday last week so I made a pie and a cake…not good for the losing weight thing!  We also had a few get togethers with a wonderful array of food, fruit punch, and soda.  Yikes….so hard, because I love food.  The good thing about being forced to stay home was that I found time to work out.  I have been doing a variety of things for exercise.  I love the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred.  We also have a training bike that I have ridden a bit.  I would love to try to enjoy doing my Hip-Hop Abs DVD, however the instructor kind of freaks me out.  Sad…I know.  Since the kids are better, we can finally go back to the Y!  Yeah…a break for me from the kids!  Oh and I can workout there too!  I love swimming laps and doing water aerobics with their water weights.  I also enjoy doing their elliptical machines.  I also have a great accountability partner that I e-mail everyday to keep her posted on how I am doing and she does the same in return.  That has helped knowing that someone is tracking me.

So where am I at weight wise for this challenge?  Not as far as would have liked to be.  I got all the way down to 158, but now I am back up to 160.  Bummer…must have been the weekend of sweets.  So I have lost a total of 5 lbs and hopefully more to come!  I have noticed my pants are fitting better and are that is a good sign!

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