Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

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Ok..I know silly.  I am writing a blog post on my birthday about my birthday.  I write about my kids' birthdays...and oh it is my blog.  So any is my 33rd birthday!!! Wooo hoo!  Another year old...and a deeper in....well not really sure I guess:)  Birthdays seem to come and go without a lot of excitement around here.  Well at least the adult birthdays.  The kids are probably more excited that it is my birthday than myself.  We usually try to go out to lunch or dinner for my birthday.  This year some friends suggested we try out a little Mexican restaurant called La Paz.  We did and it was really good.  We went to the mall to look at microwaves and then mulled over stand alone mixers for a birthday present....yikes those things are so expensive.  I just couldn't justify spending a few hundred dollars on a mixer...maybe one of these days if I ever become a professional baker or something.  For my official birthday present I am going to schedule a massage.  It is definitely well needed.  I am looking forward to the peace and quiet really.  :)  After our little lunch party and visit to the mall we picked up a dozen yummy cupcakes at a local cupcake place. 
 Another year down!:) 

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