Monday, January 9, 2012

Lost in Fun!

There is this little place in Lincoln that I have been wanting to take the kids to...but not knowing what was inside...made me a bit scared.  My dear...brave....friend Nancy took my girls there last spring...and they LOVED it.  They have been begging me to go back ever since.  

A good friend Megan texted me late one night and asked if we could meet her their for her sons birthday.  I hesitated to say yes.  One-- it was a Monday.  I rarely leave the house on Mondays.  Rarely...but need to get a bit more adventurous. 

Secondly, this was the place that I have been scared of.  Actually, it was the description of the place on their website that scared me.  The pricing strategy made me nervous.  I have 4 little ones of all different age levels...and according to their website certain ages aren't allowed in certain how was I supposed to monitor all of my kids and keep them separated.  Turns out...I completed misunderstood their pricing strategy and it is easier to go to new places with friends!  

Thanks Megan for inviting us and helping me chase around my little rugrats!  This place is called Lost in Fun!  And literally...the name describes it is really easy to get lost in this place....but all in all...a fun place for the kids.

My little poser-- posing under bubbles!

Weston in the gym area
Easton and his friend Hazel
Joc and the b-day boy!
A little blurry-- but tons of fun...there was also a room full of bounce houses and a dark space room

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