Saturday, January 28, 2012

My mom update- Friday-Saturday

Get well messages from my mom's students

I am writing a blog post, because I haven't been able to respond to everyone's e-mails and text this is the easiest way to respond.

My mom was released from the hospital yesterday (Friday, January 27) in the evening.  They scheduled her to come back in two weeks for another catscan to check the blood vessel that burst when she had her stroke.  She is happy to be home and has been resting.  The dr. has limited her activities.  She can't cook, clean, exercise, or doing anything strenuous.  They don't want her just lying around all day...but she is pretty exhausted, so she has done quiet a bit of resting.

Visually-- her vision hasn't changed or improved.  She can see blotches of color and can't see anything left and right.  Her left is not working at all.  That was her good eye before the stroke.  Her right eye was her bad eye to begin with, so it is trying to do all the work.  All she can see when she watches tv is just a blur and a little movement. 

Her sense of direction is a little off.  She is confused with her lefts and rights and hand/eye coordination activities.  She attempted to blow dry her hair this morning, but was missing her hair altogether.  She got lost last night going to the bathroom...couldn't find her way back to bed.  So lots of work to do to retrain her to do daily day at a time...and one step at a time. 

She is exhausted.  Taking a shower this morning completely wiped her out and she took a nap right after that.  

So continue to pray for both my mom and dad as they work through all of these changes in their lives.  I am going to help as much as I can.

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