Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's time!

Katelyn has been counting down for approximately 2 years now for her little friends to start having birthday parties.  She was invited to one of Jocelyn's friends birthday parties this past summer and had a ton of fun.  But this very party I am blogging about was the first location of what kicked off the jealousy factor between sissies in regards to birthday parties.  My friend Steph loves planning parties for her girls.  It is funny to see how excited she gets over these parties.  A few years ago she had a cute little princess party for Jocelyn's friend Maddie.  Now it was Katelyn's turn to attend Maddie's sister's, Bella's, pretty in pink party.  It was so sweet seeing these little girls together.  Most of them were able to come to Katelyn's party this summer, but I guess it is just as exciting being invited to a friends' party.  Here are few pictures of this lovely party!  Can you tell Steph is addicted to Pinterest...reason #101 that I need to not go on that website. (CORRECTION-- I wrote this on Saturday-- I signed up for Pinterest on Sunday)....darnit.
Katelyn's pretty in pink outfit

The girls playing freeze dance...they barely moved.

Katelyn eyeing the sweets!

This little guy was mad that he couldn't reach the table with the cupcakes...even though I just fed him one.
Katelyn and Bella with their craft

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