Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I told myself...I never would.

I told myself I never would join Pinterest.  I have had friends and family raving about how wonderful it was for quiet some time now.  Friends showing me the cool little things they have discovered and have actually made on account to what they found on Pinterest. 

Why on Earth did I need another time waster?  I have Facebook for that:) 

Well ok, I was curious to see what all of this hub-bub was about.  I had been invited to join by a million friends, so I accepted someone's request to join. 

I do have to say:
1)  It is a time waster for sure. 

2)  It is a good time waster?  Is their even such a thing?  There are so many ideas on things I can do with my kids in school, craft ideas, things I can bake for my family or for church potluck, organizational ideas (I so need that), and fun recipes to try.

3)  It has directed my attention to other cool blogs out there.  I obviously think mine is the all time coolest blog, but there ARE others out there. :) Only joking about mine being the coolest...but there are some great ones out there that I hadn't heard about...and yet another time waster...reading other peoples' blogs.

4)  It is kind of inspirational to see what others have done.  There are a lot of these magazine type...picture perfect photos of parties that people have thrown with fancy schmanzy decorations...there are all of these really cool offices or living rooms where the light is just hitting it right...where you would be afraid to even step foot in...afraid to mess up the picture perfectness...these people obviously don't have kids nor do they allow them in their house.

5) I have had a lot of A-ha moments thinking-- I can do that.
    For example, I have been trying to figure out ways to store my ribbon in a way that I can get to easily.  Found that on Pinterest.  Here is what I came up with!
  Another example was how to make a heart shaped cake...when you don't have a heart shaped cake pan.  Total duh moment when I saw that.
  I came across a cool recipe for marshmallow fondant.  So going to try that.
 Blog link to recipe here!
I came across a cute little cupcake decorated in fondant flowers.  Loved that.
 Tutorial: here!
 I found this little tutorial on how to make sandwich holders...we go on a ton of picnics every year...this would be great to make!
Tutorial: Here!
and we are hoping to convert an extra bedroom to a schoolroom next year...tons of fun decorating ideas on Pinterest for that upcoming project.
More homeschool room ideas: Here!

So there you have it.  I am sure my husband will be thrilled to read this.  He knows I don't need and probably can't handle another time waster in my life.  Too many things on my plate already.  But 5 minutes here...5 minutes bad can it be.  :)

Thank you friends and family for the little push!

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