Friday, January 20, 2012

Moon, Sun, and everything around us!

School kept us busy this week!  It seems as the older the kids get, our day is filled with a variety of different fun activities.  Sometimes I don't get quiet time at all or have anytime to get things done until right before my hubby gets home...but that is ok.  The kids are learning lots of new things...and hopefully having fun in the process.

We started going through this Time Life Series book titled Sky & Earth.
At the top of each page is a fascinating question and then it goes on to answer this question.  There are some really cool experiments we have tried and lots of activities on the internet that corresponds to our lessons.  Some of the questions have been-- Why is the sky blue during the daytime and sometimes pink at sunset?  Are there shadows on the moon?  Does the sun move?  Why does the moon appear different in the sky over the course of a week and month...etc.  Katelyn isn't as interested as Jocelyn in these topics, so I have only had her participate in coloring activities.
A phases of the moon activity with oreos-- from Pinterest
Finger painting the phases of the moon
Tracking the sun over the course of the day...kind of hard to see...but you can see the 12:00PM mark.
Katelyn has been enjoying her new subjects so far.  I added at 50 states workbook and she has moved onto 1st grade Math.  I have to spend a bit more time with her now, but she is eager to learn.  Here she is learning the word names of numbers and matching them to the actual number.
Easton also reminds me that we need to do school with him.  This photo is for my mother dearest who has stowed away for over 20 years...yes 20 years...this Early World of Learning curriculum...for her future grandkids and she finally gave it to me over the summer.  Here Easton is matching his shapes and colors.  When he gets an answer right his pen lights up.  Thanks mom!
and then everyone else got into the finger painting activity!

 and this was dinner one day when my hubby had a trainer in town that he had to take out to dinner.  The kids were thrilled when they heard we were having ice cream for dinner...then they were kind of bummed that it wasn't actually ice cream.  Silly kids.  They gobbled it up anyways.

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