Monday, July 23, 2012

A rush to celebrate.....

Katelyn turned 5 yesterday and her birthday landed on what ended up being an extremely busy weekend.  Our weekends aren't usually as busy, but we had 4 birthday parties to attend (including Kate's).  Of all birthday's hers was rushed. 

We spent 45 mins at a gross Chinese Buffet.  Opened presents quickly...sang happy birthday...cut  the cake for the kids and then Sean and I rushed out the door to another party for a friend.  Then on Sunday (her real birthday) my mom and dad hosted my grandma's (dad's mom) 80th birthday party. 

Katelyn had an aweful day.  She was in tears when she went to bed.  I think she thought my grandma's birthday was a party for herself.  Even though I told her it wasn't going to be...I really think she truly thought a surprise was going to happen.  She kept mentioning little things here and there that I totally disregarded.  She wanted to call different people to let them know it was her birthday...but I wouldn't let her because we were so busy and by the time we got home last night...I was sooooo tired.

Sean reminded me (and warned me in advance) that this is what happens when you spend an entire day focusing on other things and not your own child.  I felt so bad...I was in tears too.  We hardly spent time celebrated our little girls birthday. Now I get why Sean stresses we need to not fill our schedules up with the craziness of activities.  Everything just ended up falling on the same weekend.  I totally get it.

Anyways, here are a few pictures of the rushed birthday party for Katelyn.
Kate (and Joc) excited about the Barbie living room set Aunt Angie sent them!
Katelyn got a fishing pole set from parents.
The Rapunzel cake that I barely made it....    

Katelyn posing with her AG doll and her cake.
She was pretty excited that we sang to her...her little friend Nicole came over to spend the night.
This was the girls' original birthday present...I got a steal of a deal on Craigslist earlier this year...had to get it out of hiding in our we surprised them this morning.  They were pretty excited.

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