Monday, July 9, 2012

Chocolate makes everything better!

This past Saturday I spent my morning in the kitchen...again.  Darn Pinterest and friends who post yummy recipes on their blogs!  I always like bringing a dessert of some sort to our Sunday potluck and since I am not seeing we have another Saturday free for a million years, I made 3 different treats this weekend.

The first are Smores on a Stick!  Oh so yummy!  Oh so gooey...and oh they went so fast...but that is ok.  I should have made more.  My friend Mary posted the recipe on her blog: HERE.  Jocelyn was my helper for this recipe.  She coated all of the graham crackers with peanut butter and put on the marshmallow.  She then melted the chocolate in the microwave and dipped the sticks in the chocolate and put them in each marshmallow.  After they set up a bit, we dipped them in the chocolate and whoola...we had some sweet yummy goodness on our hands!

and who would have thought?  Where have these been all these years?

The second thing we made I found the recipe on Pinterest.  They are called Chubby Hubby Truffles.  I did get a 5 star rating from my very own husband on this recipe...and from some other the name suits the treat!  You can view the recipe: HERE!

They were really easy to whip up.  My almost 5 year old helped me with this recipe. 

I had some left over chocolate, so of course I had to use it.  I just smothered some peanut butter on some graham crackers and dipped away.  I then garnished them with melted caramel and mini-chocolate chips!  Yummo!

Tries these out and enjoy!

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