Monday, July 30, 2012

Week 4: Preparing for School to Begin!

Last week I told you a little bit about what Jocelyn will be doing for the first semester of this upcoming school year.  This week it is all about Katelyn!

Katelyn just turned 5 last week...and she is already counting down to turning 6!  I wish she would just focus on her current status of being 5!  Anyways, Katelyn is technically (according to our NE State entrance laws) in Kindergarten.  As I mentioned last week and several times before, I don't like grade levels.  But for organizational purposes we will say she is in Kindergarten.
Here is a little snippet of what I will be doing with Katelyn this semester:

She started McRuffy Math: 1st grade in January.  She was only able to complete 1/2 of the book, so she will be finishing up this semester.  I will have to look for something new for January in the 2nd grade level I guess?  Or maybe have her do the 3rd grade stuff with Jocelyn since I can sign up as many users on the Teaching Textbooks software.  Really not sure.  But she enjoyed doing McRuffy Math last year, so hopefully her enjoyment will still be the same!  There are so many little fun activities I can do with her outside of this book to help her with learning math!

Katelyn will be doing Hooked on Phonics Spelling Level 2.  We have level 1, but it is really, really basic and I forgot to have her do it last we will just be skipping it.  I think she will be fine.  The words in level 2 match up with her reading words nicely, so it should work. There is also a fun little computer program that goes along with these lessons!

If you read my little summary last week about what I am doing with Jocelyn, you kind of sense how I will be teaching my kids how to read a little better.  Katelyn started the Hooked on Phonics Reading Program last year I believe....maybe the year before...I can't remember.  Anyways, she has two more workbooks to go through and she will be finished.  There are a lot of reading programs out there.  My mom gave this set to us before the kids were even born.  I have really enjoyed using it and the girls have loved the little books that correspond with what the words they have learned for the day. 
If we have time we will move onto Skill Builders Reading: Grade 1
Health, Geography, & Bible:
Katelyn will be working with Jocelyn on the same things for these subjects.  You can view what we are doing:  HERE.

Kate will be doing pretty much the same electives as Jocelyn.  Not sure about her level of interest in playing the piano, but I will give her the option of trying to learn.  She will be the youngest in her homeschool PE class...but I am sure she will enjoy the class!  The girls both love helping me I plan on using a few of the recipes in this little kit!

Just a little side note....we are using lots of workbooks and resources....will the kids complete every single page and every single lesson?....NO!  In my opinion if they master something...really master something...then why do the same thing over and over and over again.  Some things are just not important (in my opinion) so we will just skip certain things.

I am going to wait 2 weeks before I post what my little tots will be doing.  Working on a fun little busy bag swap with a group of 7 other ladies.  You will also have a chance to WIN 2 busy bags!!!  So next week I will give you a grand tour of our new school area!! 

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  1. Oooh! Love the Kids in the Kitchen idea! I also have a kindergartener...and a preschooler too. Found you through the Not Back to School Blog Hop and am excited to follow along with you this year!