Saturday, July 7, 2012

A little 4th of July getaway!

Sean and I are kind of spontaneous sometimes.  When a thought pops in our head...we sometimes just go for it.  A few weeks ago, we were on a hot date at Old Chicago and Sean mentioned that we should take a short trip to Aspen, Colorado for the 4th.  We were all gung ho about it.  Found hotels for the trip and then it hit us...what are the kids really going to like about Colorado?  They are too young to do the fun things like river rafting, hiking, and we switched directions and planned a mini-trip to Minneapolis, Minnesota.  It is a good days drive from here, but they have this mall....Mall of America.  One of the biggest malls in the USA!  I have been there 6 times before and there is quiet a bit to do just in the mall alone.  So we headed on up there and had a good ole time.  It was super this was perfect.
The kids enjoyed the rides.  Weston even got in on a few, but for the most part he was too little for most of them:(  He was soooo sad.  Sometimes would just sit on the ground with his down sobbing.  Poor guy.  They had a quiet a few adult rides....Sean and I would have really liked to have gone on them together, but we had all of these kids in time bring a sitter...jk.

The kids got to meet a few characters.  They weren't too interested in that part...but thinking back to the time where we stood in line for almost 2 hours to meet Dora a few years back and then Jocelyn freaked out when we got there...this was I forced them to meet Diego and Dora...they were all scared.  
 Then Katelyn met some other creature.
 We shopped a bit.  We didn't really have very many things that we needed.  The kids each had $20 from their piggy banks to spend.  The girls picked out a few American Girl outfits for the cheapo Target dolls. 

Easton picked out a remote control truck....and Weston didn't pick out anything.  Ooops.  Forgot about him.

Then Sean went crazy at the American Girl store with the girls.  I still can't believe this.  I didn't get a vote in the matter.
 The kids enjoyed looking around at Legoland.  It is amazing what structures can be created out of little legos.

Sean took the three older kids to a movie one afternoon...I was on a mission of finding a new swimsuit.  A bit hard when I have a roamer on my hands...but we managed and I found a new suit! 
He crashed towards then end of our shopping trip.  So sweet!
We also visited Minnehaha Falls.  We set out early one morning to do this...knowing it was going to be super hot as the progressed.  Apparently we didn't get out early enough.  The short walk from the car to the falls about wiped us out.  It was so hot.  We were dripping in sweat when we got there.  So we took a quick peak and picture and heading back to our car.

On the night of the 4th, we planted ourselves at a park in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.  There was a live band and little kiddie activities.  A great park for the kids and a beach.  We should have brought the kids suits, so they just had to onlookers.  It was hot...but the kids had a good time running around. 

The fireworks show was great...too bad Weston was the only awake to enjoy it.  The others were just so tired from the long day.

Hope you had a nice 4th of July!!

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