Monday, July 16, 2012

Running for Color?!!

Last Saturday a group of friends and I participated in a 5K Color Run in Omaha.  This is the event that I have been training for.  I was kind of bummed that I didn't end up running the entire thing...still a lot of work to do!  There were quiet a few steep hills and some nice down hills.  I stayed with a few friends and we walked some and ran some.  The color was a bit overwhelming to take in.   My contacts were a bit clouded over after the first dose of pink.  I am not sure how the volunteers could stand to be in the color for a few hours.  Here are a few pictures from the fun day with friends!
 A few of us before!
 We got in the first wave!  Yay!!
 This is what we the color looked like...(Thanks Mel for the photo)
The cloud of orange!  I actually rolled with Kim through this one.  I am too old for that.  I don't think my body was made for rolling on concrete!!
 The group afterwards....the only guy in our group...Andy....was a little wasn't a timed race...but he was the 4th one in!
 Us being goofy!
                                                                   Mindy yes...she is about 30 weeks pregnant and ran most of the 5k!
 The color party afterwards!
Rachel and Reece after the color party rolling around! (Thanks Reece for you photos as well!)

 So much fun!  I hope they come to Omaha again next year!!

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