Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A race to the end!

We want to keep our kids active, without completely throwing our lives into sports.  So we dabble a bit here and a bit there in different sporting options.  Logistically I can't be at 4 different spots at the same time, so we try to find things that they can all do together or at least two kids at a time.

We are still trying to figure out what to do in the fall.  The girls want to continue on with gymnastics, but would like to try somewhere else besides the YMCA.  Um, can you say super expensive!  They might need to get part time jobs.  Still not sure what we will do with that.  Jocelyn keeps adding dreams to her list.  I remind her we can't do it all, nor will we do it all.  But we do think it is important to stay active, however we aren't sure what where we will guide our kiddos. 

One thing that the girls took part in over the past month was the Seward Track Club.  This was put on by the track coach at Seward High School.  He also had quiet a few of his track students helping out. 

The girls were very nervous when we walked up to the first meeting.  We really didn't know what to expect.  After the first night was over, they couldn't wait to go back for more the next week.  They made some friends and especially liked that they had a personal high school mentor.  One's name was Katelyn, so our Katelyn was extremely excited.  The other girl's name was Katelyn's sister.  Still not sure what her name was.

Over the course of this club, they learned about relays, sprinting, long jump, long runs, starting blocks, and other key things in track.  I think their favorite part was having popsicles after each meeting.

At the end they had a mini-track meet and competed against their fellow track mates.  Jocelyn was really excited because she placed in 3 out of 4 of her events.  She got 1st place in her two shorter runs and 2nd in the 400 meter run.  I am not sure if she placed in the long jump.  They were keeping score, but never announced it.  Katelyn did well and finished all of her events.  She was one of the youngest competing, so still has a little growing to do!

We all can't wait for next year!

Here are few pictures from the track club!

The boys watching on!
Kate and the long jump

Joc doing the long jump

The girls doing the 400 meter run

Jocelyn and her mentor Katelyn

Katelyn and Katelyn the mentor's sister
The girls and their medals!

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