Wednesday, July 10, 2013

First night on the lake!!

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On my summer bucket list was to spend as much time in the water as we can!  Yesterday our heat index hit 105 degrees so it was a perfect day to take the kids out to the lake!  We are fortunate enough to live 5 minutes from a local going in the evening is easy, breezy!  We had an awesome time because all four kids can now swim and have fun!  No one is dependent on Sean or I to swim!  So, so much fun!!

The kids loved jumping off the boat this year! 
Weston even got in on the action!
My good looking husband!
 There is a new ice cream parlor called Dairy Joes right up the road from the lake!  It is really reasonable and the ice cream is sooooo good!  For a good size kids cone with REAL ice cream it is only $1.25!  The blitzs (like blizzards from DQ) are 10x as good as DQ and half the price.  Sean tried out their hot dog and chili (a recipe from their Grandma) for only $2.50!  We have been there twice already this week and I have a feeling we will for sure be regulars!!

And now a deal for you!  Our goal is to make it to as many fun kid places this summer!
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