Thursday, July 11, 2013

In little boy heaven!

For years now I have been so focused on girly activities...that this summer it really hit me that "Oh my goodness...I have two boys!"  I knew I had two boys, but it really, really, really hit me that boys are nothing like girls...nor should they be treated the same as the girls. 

Lincoln Public Libraries has an awesome summer reading program.  We have participated for the past 3 years.  If the kids read for 15 hours, do 10 activities from the activity list, and visit the library 4 times, they receive a fun library prize pack.  This pack includes train rides at the zoo, state fair passes, water park passes, ice cream, tickets to a ball game and children's museum. 

During the course of the summer they also have several activities that take place at the libraries.  We, for some reason, have never attended a single one of these events.  Word on the street says that they are tons of fun...I really don't have an explanation for skipping out each summer...until today!

At one of the libraries the city parks crew had a whole bunch of tractors, trucks, and mowers for the kids to climb on.  They did a few demonstrations for the kids and we were able to ask questions about the equipment.  Both of our boys were in little boy heaven.  They were in such awe when we would get close to one of the machines.  Easton was eager to climb on all of the rigs and so was Katelyn.  Wes was a bit scared of a few...and well Jocelyn is apparently too old and too cool to do these kind of things. 

I am sure I will be hearing about this event....approximately every 10 minutes....for the next few months!

Does your local library have any fun summer reading program activities?

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