Wednesday, July 31, 2013

School is starting soon!

Wow!  Where has summer gone?  We will be starting back to school in 2 1/2 weeks!  I am ready for a "real" routine...but definitely going to miss our summer activities.  Maybe the summer weather will stick around a little later this year, so we can squeeze in some extra things on top of school?:) 

In the homeschooling community there is always a lot of talk about what curriculum you are using.  I have a link posted on my main page with all of the curriculum that we are planning on using for this upcoming school year.

Will we get through it all?  Probably not.  Will I add to it?  Most likely.  Will I delete things from our list?  Always.

Do we just stick to books and workbooks?  Absolutely not! These books are just guides as to what we are doing.  If you know me...I have no clue at this time what we will be doing each week.  I tend to come up with activities at the last minute...that is just how I roll.

Here is a quick little summary of what our beginning of the school year curriculum looks like for our girls...I write a separate post for the boys:

***Please note EVERY child learns at a different pace.  Some faster, some slower.  This is just where our kids are at right now***

Katelyn (1st Grade) & Jocelyn (3rd Grade):

The girls will pretty much be doing the exact same thing as each other.  With the exception of Math and some Language Arts.


Jocelyn completed half of this book last year.  I pulled her off of it in January and we worked on multiplication fun!  She will hopefully be finishing it this semester.
Katelyn will be starting it. 

I really like Teaching Textbooks with the exception of the multiplication unit.   That is their big flaw...and reps from the company even admit it. 

Language Arts:

Jocelyn will be doing grade 3 & Katelyn grade 1.

I will be teaching them the same concept and then their work will be a bit different.  I love Evan Moor  workbooks!  So user friendly and straight to the point!

Non-Fiction Writing: Grade 2 by Evan Moor

I am excited to be trying out the non-fiction writing book this year.  I got in on a really great deal online!  Last year I just gave the girls random writing topics.  This year I plan on having a bit more structure.  Can't wait to start this!

Jocelyn used Bob Jones last year and we both really liked it.  Katelyn did her 1st and 2nd grade spelling with another publisher...(just because I had something else on hand)...but they will be doing the same thing next year.  My plan is to video-tape me doing each lesson and they will watch it on the Ipad.  I will give them the pretest on video and their assignments.  They can then watch it again for the final weekly test.  


I picked up this at a homeschool conference.  We started it a bit last year and I am really excited to continue it throughout this year.  We plan on doing Science 2-3 times a week.  This book covers Life, Earth, Physical Sciences, Natural Resources, and Technology.


I am really excited to be starting this for the first year.   We will be doing it three times per week.


The girls and I are REALLY excited to be doing this Art program.  We did our first DVD over the summer!  I plan on doing Art at least once a week.  You can read about our first DVD:  HERE!

If you have ever shopped for know that there are a million choices out there!  These are what we have chosen that best suites our family!  

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