Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cravings! Ugh!

Yesterday I wrote about taking time for ourselves and doing some sort of physical activity...walking, running...anything.  You can find that post:  HERE.  Today I am going to mention a little craving that I have...and a very BIG weakness!  Cupcakes.  Oh sweet yummy cupcakes.  A lot of times they are just so pretty you can not resist.  Well by "you" I mean "I" can not resist. 

Last year my girls visited Georgetown Cupcakes outside of Washington D.C. with my sister.  I was running a 5k down the road...so I had a good excuse to eat me some cupcakes afterwards.  If you have never heard of Georgetown Cupcakes they have a show on the TLC network called D.C. Cupcakes.  The girls love any show that has to do with cakes and cupcakes...and especially liked this show.  So we had to try these cupcakes to see what the buzz was about.  This store is known to have lines out of the door...pretty much at all times and sure enough when they got there, it did.  Luckily, we pre-ordered our cupcakes and they were able to scoot to the front of the line.

Let me just tell you these were by far the best, melt in your mouth, cupcakes I have ever tried.  By far.  My mouth waters every time I think of their cupcakes. I could have eaten the entire box of 28 cupcakes that we ordered, but I think I maybe only ate like 6 or 8.  I don't know.  I lost count.  Ugh.

On to my point...don't you think this picture looks soooo cute of my little Katelyn Rose? 

Isn't she sweet?

Jocelyn was in the picture as well, but her eyes were shut and there just wasn't room.  Sorry Joc. 

You have a chance to browse through scads of other photos of cupcakes from Georgetown.  You will have to visit their Facebook page...and maybe even "like" it, but hey you can enter some of their contests and try to win too!!

Beware your mouth WILL water, so you might want to have a hanky handy!  When you get to my picture....please consider voting for my little girl.

 If we get the most votes...we will win a dozen cupcakes!!  Woot! 

You can view photos: HERE!  I hope this link works from here, so let me know if it doesn't.  You have until midnight tonight (EST) to vote!  So don't delay!

Happy Voting!!! 

and thanks in advance!!

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