Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Winner & horses!

We have a winner for The Rusted Chain $25 gift certificate!!  My husband selected #41 using random.org...and the winner is Linda Petteys!!  Congratulations Linda and thank you for entering!

I think there was quiet a bit of confusion on how to enter...I realized a lot of my friends are not used to commenting on blogs...so hopefully it will be easier for the next giveaway!  I had a few companies respond at the same time to team up for a giveaway, so these next few weeks will be full of fun!!  So stay tuned on Thursday for a feature on a small business in Florida!!  

It is birthday season around here!  It seems like 90% of the conversations with my girls in July and early August revolve around their birthdays.  It drives me crazy...but they are kids and apparently turning another age is pretty exciting!  They always have quiet the list of things they want to do for their birthdays. 

Jocelyn reminded me a few weeks ago that it has been 2 WHOLE years since she has ridden a horse.  Two whole years.  Such a shame.  I hope you sense my sarcasm.  She loves horses, but there is a pretty good chance that we will never have a horse around here.  I looked into maybe taking her on a trail ride at a local state park.  The boys aren't old enough to go and Jocelyn isn't old enough to go on the trail ride by herself...so child neglect issues where at hand.  So I put a question out to my facebook friends to see if anyone had any recommendations as to where I could take the girls to ride around on a horse for a bit....and I got quiet a few recommendations....and then my friend Jill said...Hey come here!  She just got a horse a few weeks ago and has had a pony for a while now.  So we went!!

I was a little nervous that we would be sweating bullets because we were having quiet a warm spell, but it was a very, very pleasant morning when we went.

The girls were extremely excited when we got there...and their excitement didn't dwindle when we left.  They had such a good time at Jill's.  Thank you Jill for your hospitality!!

Jill had them brush the horses
 and spray glitter on them...even though they were both males...but they didn't seem to mind...

 Katelyn riding around!
 The girls going around the poles!
 Jocelyn getting ready to ride the pony!
 Wes all ready to go in his cowboy boots!
 Easton taking a ride around!
 Weston taking his turn!
 Such a fun, fun morning!

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