Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July 2013!!

This morning I feel like I am recovering from a 3 day vacation.  Piles of laundry, unkept house, tired kids, tired me!  The kids slept in today and when they woke up asked their usual question of "Where are we going today, mom?".  My response.  "No where.  Absolutely no where.  You will be lucky that we change out of our jammies."  Anyone else feeling it today?

We started celebrating the 4th of July on the 2nd of July.  Sean bought a few fireworks to shoot off here.  Since we had no plans of being home on the 3rd & 4th we set them off early.  The kids LOVED it!  Their reactions were priceless. 
Watching a snake grow
Weston stepping on snappers!
Easton's parachute!
Weston's parachute!
Jocelyn showing off
On the 3rd of July, I headed into Omaha and took the kiddos to Zorinsky waterpark.  It was AWESOME!  I love waterparks...and so do the kids.  This was the first time the boys played on actually waterpark things like waterslides.  They had so much fun!  Katelyn was tall enough to do the "big kid" slides.  Thank goodness that they measured her with her sandals on...otherwise I don't think she was technically tall enough.  My moms cousins, daughter was in town from Austin, TX with her girls.  Our girls hit it off right away and we all had a great afternoon.  One waterpark down, three more to go for the summer!

That evening we headed to Blair, NE for a 3rd of July party at some friends' house.  Can you say...perfect evening?  The weather was great for the party, but got a bit chilly when the sun went down.  Her neighbor puts on a professional fireworks show!  The kids loved it!

On the 4th Sean and I took advantage of being at my parents house and took off for a 10 mile bike ride around a local lake.   It was a beautiful morning to be outside!  We had a really nice bike ride...even though I am sure I was going a lot slower than Sean is used to. 

After we got back, we headed to Seward, Nebraska.  Seward is self proclaimed 4th of July capitol of the United States.  There are so many activities during the course of 2 days. You could stay busy every second if you wanted to.  We didn't partake in any activities except for eating dip-n-dots and watching the parade.  We met some friends there and the kids had a ball!  They were extremely worried that they weren't going to get any candy.  I think they did ok.  Not to thrilled to have the candy around, so I might have to find new homes for some of it. 

The night of the 4th we had plans to travel to another small town and watch their fireworks display, however we were all feeling the effects of the past few days.  So we just stayed at home and hung out with our neighbors.  It was a lovely evening and we saw some great at home firework displays! 

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