Monday, April 5, 2010


So we don't do Easter. I think a lot of my friends have figured it out through out the years.. We don't do the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus. We have gotten a lot of opposition to our decisions. A lot.... many can't believe that we don't celebrate a Christian holiday. We probably would if it we felt it was truly Christian holiday. It didn't originate as one. It rooted from the Catholic church and is very pagan. Maybe Sean and I just dig too deep and research too much the history of how things started. We just want to teach our kids the truth about what the bible says. I am not opposed to teaching the fact surrounding why and how Jesus died on the cross, how he rose again on the third day and what this important event means. But if you have researched the history of Easter, it started off as a not so good event. I challenge you to research why we have an Easter bunny or why he lays eggs. And how come if Jesus died on Friday and rose again three days later--how we get to Sunday-- that just doesn't add up to me.
Another thing that we are trying to teach our kids is to believe in Christ Jesus-- we can't really see him-- but we can see the wonderful things he has done for us and has made for us-- and then we have this Easter Bunny character who you can see at the malls who leaves candy at our houses over night. One day the fun and games will come to an end that our kids will no longer believe, and then we have to tell our kids-- ok we lied about this Easter Bunny character and Santa, but trust me even though you can't see Jesus Christ-- just trust me he is real. We just don't need a day to celebrate the awesome thing that Jesus Christ did for us...we can do this any day...not just on one day.
There are a lot of bible verses out there that encourage people to not follow the ways and traditions of the world-- one verse that comes to mind is:
Deuteronomy 12:28
Ok...I am almost off my soap box and I am sure no one is still reading this, but something else that came to mind is-- ever heard something a million times and believe it is true? Next time you hear something....look into it and don't just trust what you are hearing is right...we have the bible....pick it up, study, and read it:)

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