Friday, April 9, 2010

A free day!!!!!! Finally!!!!

Every time something comes around--like my birthday-- my husband always asks what I want. I usually just want to go out to dinner, but don't really expect any gifts. Gifts are nice, however I can never think of anything I really need at the time. This past birthday, I wanted a massage. I scheduled an appointment, left the kids with Sean during their naptime, and ventured out...didn't know the place had moved and missed my massage. Since then I have wanted to just have a day to myself. With no one...not even my husband...sorry! I love being with Sean, don't get me wrong, but he isn't a shopper. I just like to take my time and not have to worry about what someone else is thinking or how bored someone is. I don't want to worry about feeding someone else--besides myself. I don't want to worry about someone else's bathroom schedule--or nap schedule. So the time FINALLY came. My mom is a teacher and she has this lovely little thing called spring break!!! So I took full advantage of her break. Of course I asked first and since she already had my kids for 2 days for a conference I was going to, why not just add on another day for just me. It was wonderful!! I went to places that I go to with kids, but absolutely dread going to...such as Hobby Lobby, Michael's, Once Upon a Child, the Mall, grocery shopping, and I ate at one of my favorite restaurants in Omaha-- Don Carmelos-- Yum! I came home and took a nap and made an easy dinner for Sean and I. I probably spent way too much money on my day off, but it was so nice to just have a day to myself. It has been a long time coming and maybe I will get another one this summer-- can't wait for my mom's summer break to begin!

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