Friday, April 16, 2010


Maybe I am just a bit weird, but I consider myself to be a very scheduled person. I am very flexible in breaking my schedule to go on play dates or taking the kids to do something, but during the week, when we are at home, we follow the same schedule pretty much every day/week. I think it just keeps me sane or something. I think my kids like it too, so they kind of know what is coming next. I always wonder what other people are doing through out the day. Do others follow schedules..or maybe I am just weird? My schedule goes like this-- Laundry-- only on Monday & Thursday-- ONLY-- unless there is an extreme emergency. Cloth diapers not included. Lately I have been only deep cleaning my house once a month. I know gross. I still wipe down weekly and my house stays picked up where you can't tell we have kids--unless you go upstairs, but I am talking about cleaning really good. I just don't have time in our weekly schedule to spend it cleaning. I fail someones (won't mention any names) dust checks all of the time, but I am getting better with the failures of those little tests. Anyways, schedules... 8AM-10AM breakfast and some sort of activity with the kids...they love art things or playing games or listening to music and singing along.
Monday-Thursday mornings if we are home I do some type of "school" related stuff with my girls. I try to keep them busy for a few hours during the morning. Katelyn watches a 35 minute DVD of the LeapPad Letter Factory--highly recommend it!--and Jocelyn and I use that quiet time so she can read to me. I just love that part of the day where she can just read! I always loved reading and now it is nice having someone else read to me. We have been working on telling time, money, and understanding the concept of days of the week. I then have Jocelyn practice writing and I have quiet time with Katelyn. We go through her letters and phonics and sometimes work on counting and color games. After this time, we try to play some type of fun game, whether it is a board game, educational game, puzzles or a game that I made up, but we try to do something fun. Some days we do crafts, experiments, or art activities if there is time---and all this while Easton takes his morning nap! Praise the Lord for morning naps!! When Easton wakes up we sometimes do a few chores-- the girls like to help out, so I try to have them help as much as they are able. Sometimes we go for a walk if the weather permits or go play outside. 12:30PM We try to eat lunch around the same time every day. 1:30PM Baths for the kids 2:00PM-4:00PM Naps for all three kiddos!! Yeah! Me- shower, make dinner, finish picking up from the day, enjoying quiet time! 4:00PM-4:30PM Mat time for Easton-- reading for me-- and hopefully the girls are outside playing 5:30-6:30PM Dinner time 8:00PM Bedtime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for the kids at least! Ok so Wednesdays-Thursdays our schedules are off since we go to Omaha Wednesday afternoons-Thursday mornings and Friday we are at MOPS, so we don't do school...but as you can see, we stay busy...maybe that is why I am always tired and look forward to the weekends!
What is your schedule like? Or do you have one? Maybe I am just the weird one!:)

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  1. Your not weird! We all have our strengths, and obviously sticking with a schedule is one of yours. I definitely am more of a fly by the seat of my pants type of person. I have tried to develop and stick to a structured schedule, but that causes me way more stress! When the kids want to play a game, we play a game. When they want to color or paint, we do that. This week we spent just about every moment of the day outside...not good for keeping up on laundry, but I had some pretty happy kiddos!! I say do what works for you and your family!