Thursday, April 15, 2010

Moving Eastward... I can only dream about moving Eastward. As many of my friends know I am originally from Omaha. We moved to Pleasant Dale exactly 4 years ago when my husband got a new job in De Witt. That plant closed and moved their products to China and now he works in Waverly (1/2 way in between Omaha and Pleasant Dale. I really like our house and our very, very, very quiet little village we live in. I really like Lincoln and have made some really good friends in the past few years-- thank you MOPS! There are quiet a few things in Lincoln for kids and families to do-- the Children's Zoo, Trago, nearby lakes to boat on, beaches....The thing I miss the most is living near my parents, my relatives, our church and our church friends. As we have more kids and are getting ready to add to our little family once again this fall, I have realized how important family is. Even though my parents live an hour away, I still rely on them quiet a bit...ok mostly for watching my kids so I can get a break here and there, but they have been a huge help for us along the way. With the exception of MOPS every Friday (thank the Lord again for that!), I am with my kids all of the time. I am ok with that...I love my kids and they are good company, but if you are a mother, you know that is one of the hardest jobs out there. Sometimes they drive me completely nuts...mostly because of their energy level and my lack of energy sometimes. I have looked into hiring a sitter to come watch the kids each week so I can get a break or even once a month, but still go back to the fact that--Oh my goodness sitters are really demanding a lot of money nowadays-- is alone time for me worth $30+ dollars. We actually now are in Omaha 3 different days through out the week, so it has been nice being closer to my "other home" and getting little breaks here and there. My husband said that maybe some day we will move back Eastward, some day...

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  1. No!! Don't move!! Okay, I will let you go now that I have found your secret blog! I am going to follow you wherever you go!!! Muaah Ha Ha! (that is my evil laugh!)