Monday, October 10, 2011

Hayride and bonfire! Loving the fall!

There are quiet a few fall activities that we like to do as a family. Every year our church goes on a hay ride at Santa's Woods in Blair, Nebraska.  Afterwards we have a weanie roast.  It is always a fun time for the kids!  Last year I was gearing up to have Weston so I was pretty big...and uncomfortable.  This year I was looking forward to our entire family getting to enjoy it, however Weston ended up being sick, so my parents kept him for the evening.  We ended up having two racks full of kids and families...luckily we were on the tame rack and not the rack with hay throwers!  Here are a few pictures of our lovely evening!  Should have brought my real camera and not just my phone camera...I know shocking!  Enjoy!
Sean and I:)
Easton enjoying the ride!


Easton trying to roast a marshmallow
Discovering he is a bit messy!
Oh well!

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