Thursday, October 27, 2011

Kid's in the Kitchen: Caramel apples...yum?

 The kids and I made caramel apples for an evening snack...and we were expecting them to be really yummy!  We used one bag of Kraft brand caramels....for 5 wasn't quiet enough caramel, but we made it work.  We also had this wonderful idea of putting sprinkles on the apples for extra pizazz...however the caramel hardened a bit too fast and the sprinkles didn't stick on...but we attempted...and a few ended up being semi-pretty.   All I can say is...something went wrong.   We put them in the the directions said....we let them sit at room temperature for 15 minutes...and then we tried to enjoy them....they were rock solid.  I could barely cut them with a sharp we enjoyed mostly apples for snack and got a bit of caramel here and there if we were up to sucking on it.  Sean thinks that maybe we put the caramel on the apples when they were too cold?  We really aren't sure what happened.  Any good caramel apple recipes out there..or suggestions?
All of the little fingers at work!
The kids tried stirring, but it got too hot for their little arms...
Oh yummy goodness!

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