Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Something everyone should watch!

Have you ever watched something and then thought...this should be a requirement for everyone to watch?  I had that moment yesterday after watching this video.  It is 33 minutes long...at first I was hesitant about spending 33 minutes watching it...who has 33 minutes to sit down during the day to watch something?  Well I sure don't, but I turned it on while making dinner....had to pause because my oldest daughter started asking questions...and then I sent the kids outside so I could resume the video.  A little too graphic...some profanity that was bleeped out...but oh my goodness...you need to watch this...and pass on....and on....and on.....thanks!

Oh and don't forget to actually finish the video.  Don't stop half way and assume you got the point...because you didn't....you have to watch until the very last second.

Thanks again...and thanks Jeni for sharing this video!

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