Saturday, October 8, 2011

Season's of Mother's Heart: Surprised by Joy!

Wooohooooo!  I am caught up! I hate being behind on something that I committed to and today is one of those days where we have nothing planned...except my husband watching football, me making lots of appetizers, and apparently taking our youngest to Emergi-care.  Fun times!

Well if you haven't read my previous posts, I am in a book club with my friend Erin from   She is not an online friend...she is a real and true life friend.  She is also another mom/teacher in our home schooling coop.  The book we are reading is called Seasons of a Mother's Heart....and guess what?? the author, Sally Clarkson, has mentioned our little book club on her blog and is giving away a free copy of the book we are reading...super cool!!!!  You can read her blog: HERE.

Chapter 6:  Surprised by Joy!

Romans 12:2  Not to be conformed to this world, but rather, to be transformed by the renewing of our minds in Christ. 

This chapter reminded me about finding the joy in my children and family.  Sometimes I get caught up in the every day mundane tasks of keeping the house in order, making sure everyone is fed, the laundry kept up, the kids schooling done...some days seem like a deja-vu of the day before.  Obviously all of those things I mentioned have to be done, but sometimes these things will distract us from the joys that our children and family have to offer.  Since I started homeschooling, I have heard quiet a few opinions, some not directed at me, others directed right at me...of don't you get sick of your kids?  Wouldn't it be easier just to send them to school so you can get a break?  If you know probably already know my answer.

Mrs. Clarkson gave a good analogy which rings true for me:  I am discovering my role as a painter of memories.  My paints and brushes are all the things I do to build traditions into our home and family life, and my canvas is the minds of my children. The typical classroom is structured to reinforce conformity-- answer questions a certain way, learn the right way, speak only at certain times, write your letters this one way....where is the creativity?  Yes, I am sure they do art projects, but what about those kids who want to think and do things outside of the traditional box?  

"There is nothing quiet like the experience of handing down my children our family's convictions and values about the Christian life.  We want them to believe what we believe about the Bible, marriage, sex, family, femininity and masculinity, leadership, service, temptation, sin, gifts, ministry, and so many more areas."  (pg. 113)

I consider myself lucky.  I know not all families can...or even want to homeschool, but I am glad that Sean and I can be the ones that can teach our kids what we as a family believe...instead of being constantly challenged by others outside of our family.  We are able to train and shape them.  I know some of you are can't your kids decide for themselves and go on their own  I have seen so many families give up on their kids during the most crucial time (jr. high and high school) and have lost them. Lost them to the world....lost them entirely.  Many have left their Christian faith, that they grew up in.  Yes that seed of salvation was once planted...and you can't lose salvation, but how will they answer the Lord Jesus Christ when they are at his judgment seat?   I don't want to lose our children before they ever have a chance to go out in the world on their own.

Anyways...back to the book I was sharing about...the main focus was finding joy in what you do with your kids.  Don't just think of your kids and family as this stage in life that you HAVE to get through. When the are 18...I am done!  (a common thing I hear) If you know me....I LOVE...LOVE...LOVE going out and doing things with my kids.  It would drive me crazy...and I am sure them as well, if we just sat around doing school all day and twirling our thumbs at each other.  I do think I have finally found the joy in my kids...maybe it is because they are getting older and easier in general.  I don't know what it is, but I have this feeling of contentment this school year...and I am really finding the joy in our every day adventures!
PS....I realize I am a horrible writer...and really don't spend time editing my please look past all of the mistakes:) 

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