Monday, October 3, 2011

A visit to the orchard with friends!

Fall is definitely here!  The kids and I are checking off items on our list of fall activities that we try to accomplish every year.  Our first fall activity was meeting friends at a local apple and pumpkin orchard: Martin's Hillside Orchard.  We visited it last fall and then again this summer to pick strawberries.  I love this place because it is owned by a couple and it is literally in their back yard....their big back yard.  My friend Erica and I planned a day to go and invited a few friends....we didn't quiet expect that almost everyone we invited would be interested in joining us.  I believe we ended up having over 40 moms and kids show up!  It is nice having friends who home school and who like to go out and about with their kids.  We had a great time watching the kids play, pick apples, raspberries, and pumpkins...oh and it was a perfect fall day!  Enjoy the pictures from our day!!
This looks like a good chair!
All smiles...waiting for our friends to come!
Still waiting...such a sweet heart!
On a mission to pick apples!
A few of the gang...the fast climbers that is...
Trying to keep up...munching on an apple...the entire apple...gross!
More apples...for grandma....I am so tired of apples here!
Chowing down on her "free" snack.
My friends picking raspberries
These boys will be friends one of these days...they just don't know it yet...
What is this in my stroller?  Can I eat it?
Finding weird looking pumpkins...
Hay rack fun!
Can we bring this long cucumber like thing-a-ma-jig home?
The fam...minus Sean.  He misses out on all of the fun while he works!
Thumbs up...from my tired little guy...walking through the corn maze
I believe she is about the fall asleep....

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