Friday, October 7, 2011

Our week in review: Turtles and more!

This week in school we did quiet a few things...I won't bore you with all of the details, but I feel like this year we are a little more focused.  Jocelyn is learning more "serious" things...not sure if that is the right word.  But she is busy memorizing her states, sentence structure and grammar, more detailed math problems, and of course reading and writing more.  Reading is my favorite thing to do with her.  We do reading and spelling during the little kids is so quiet and just listening to her read, just makes my day.  I am still planning day by day.  I never know how far we are going to get each day and I want to be flexible if something comes up. Here is a quick little summary of a few things we worked on this week:)

Bible:  We studied about the virtuous woman in Proverbs 31.  We talked about beauty on the outside and inside...and what the difference was.  The girls made bracelets for one little activity...Easton made an extra large bracelet...I should have taken a picture but it fell apart..oops...

Theme for the week:  Last year we did quiet a few theme units.  We had a ton of fun with those, and I am hoping to slowly get back into different themes each week. 

Last week when we were in California my friend Emily's son had a tortoise...and it made me question to I really know the difference between a turtle and tortoise?  What about a crocodile and an alligator?  or a frog and a toad?  So this week we all learned about turtles and tortoises.  I checked out a few books at the library, we played a few games relating to the similarities and differences, did a few art activities, and we took a visit to our zoo to see for ourselves if we could distinguish between the two.  We then ended our school week and went swimming at the Y to pretend we were turtles...ok...only joking...but we did go swimming and had a lot of fun. 


The girls playing a game about turtles/tortoises
Us...starting our adventure at the zoo!
Katelyn:  My sweet little Katelyn.  She has her days and I don't try to push her very much since she is only 4.  I can tell how her morning is going and some days we get a lot accomplished and other days she would rather just play....that is fine with me...but lately she has shown an interest in learning new things...she asks me (even in the evenings) if she can do some addition problems.  She brought a random book down today and asked if she could read it to me...and she did!  I am so proud at her eagerness to learn...I can't wait to see how this year progresses with her. 
Kate is learning how to write her numbers...I don't know why...but she thinks it is really I will go with it:)
Easton:  He is all boy....would rather be playing or riding his horsey!  We work on his letters and numbers every day that we do school.  Colors are interesting...some days he remembers a few...other days...not so much.  He is young...but it is fun to see his little mind going!
Jocelyn helping Easton with his you love our attire?:)

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