Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A little weekend away!

I love to travel!  and better yet, I love traveling with my hubby!  A few years ago we went to our first Keith Urban concert...we both LOVED seeing him in concert.  He is such a great entertainer and musician.  My husband loves playing his songs on his guitar.  Getting sick of the word LOVE?....ok...anyways...Keith Urban graced Omaha with his presence back in August.  My cousin's wedding was scheduled for that very same day...we were both pretty bummed and really wanted to see him in concert again...so we headed to Chicago to see him! 

Day 1:  The Concert
The concert was held at Allstate Arena outside of Chicago.  We were both surprised at how small the arena was compared to Omaha's.  There was really not a bad seat in the house.
If you have never been to a concert...here are few things, I feel, you should keep in mind.

1.  Don't bring a baby!!  I mean seriously....what goes through some people's heads.  I know babysitters are sometimes hard to come by...but really??  A couple, two rows in front of us brought their sweet little baby with them.  I think they felt prepared...they had ear plugs in his ears and special baby head phones....did they not realize that your body shakes like crazy from the vibrations?  Keith's concerts are EXTREMELY loud.  EXTREMELY.  They made it through the opening act and disappeared.  Poor baby.  I can't imagine what it felt like for him.

2.  If you are concerned about your hearing...bring ear plugs.  My husband was prepared.  I am not a big fan of having something shoved in my ear...therefore I was having a hard time hearing after the concert, but it cleared up within an hour.  Sean has hearing problems...and a constant ringing in his ears already, so he always takes precautions.  So the guy in front of...maybe in his late 50's was not so keen on the sound...he plugged his ears the entire time...his wife rolled up toilet paper and put them in her ears.  What a sight to see.  

3.  Girls...why such skimpy outfits?  Seriously.  Is it to pick up a guy?  Not thinking very many single guys go to see Keith Urban. 

4.  People like to stand for concerts...so be prepared.  I don't mind, but I know some people do:)

Here are some pictures...mostly blurry because of the fog from the humidity and lights.  Awesome concert as usual!!

 Day 2:  Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin
We hopped in our car the next day and drove 3 hours to Wisconsin Dells.  Hmmm.  Not really sure why.  It was kind of a long drive for a day trip.  We were hoping to see some really pretty fall scenes...and don't get me wrong we did, but it was a really long drive for what we saw.  It is a summer destination point and the water park capital of the United States.  Water parks on every corner.  So if you are into driving a long, long distance to go to a waterpark, then go for it, but I believe most local (larger) cities have waterparks that are just as fun.  We walked through their autumn festival and window shopped downtown.  It was a cute downtown with touristy little shops...mostly corny things.  We probably will never go back there.

We drove through a state park called Devil's Lake.  It was really pretty and looked like it has some amazing trails to hike on.  It was windy and cold there, so we stayed in our car.
We also visited the Tanger outlet mall...LOVE!   I love outlet malls.

Day 3:  Chicago
So by day three we were really tired from our late nights out...yes we are major party animals...not really, but we stayed out until midnight both nights...if you know me...that is way, way past my bedtime...we had no set plans for sight seeing in Chicago.  There are a million things to do in the city...a million and I would highly recommend visiting at least once in your lifetime...Sean has been there quiet a bit and I have been there more times than I can count (mostly to shop)...so we did a little sight seeing and lots of walking.  I am hoping to take the kids back there some day to go through the museums.  Here are a few pictures from downtown.

And thank you for my mom (and dad...even though he was lucky enough to be working most of the time) for keeping all four little munchkins while we were away!  Weston was coming off of his worst week in his little life...so it was nice have a break....and thanks to my Aunt Nan for giving my mom a little break and sugaring the kids up at the movies:))

Navy Pier

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