Thursday, October 20, 2011

Kids in the kitchen: Fun-da-middles!

Doesn't the name fun-da-middles sound like so much fun?  My former neighbor has a really fancy blog and she reviewed Betty Crocker's fun-da-middle cupcakes.  You can check her blog out at:  Busy at Home.  We don't just usually make cupcakes just to have around the house, but we were having over Jocelyn's sweet friend Emma over for our co-op...on her I thought that would be a fun snack for the morning.

Fun-da-middles are actually really easy to make, however I don't think I would waste my time again making them...they take a little longer than actual cupcakes, they are kind of expensive, and I really didn't care for the taste.  I think my normal cheap no name brand cupcakes are just as good:)

I always try to involve the little ones...the love filling up the cupcake pans.
The little ones squeezing the filling packages
I probably should have had Katelyn wash the pudding off her face...oops.
Jocelyn assembling the mix.

Weston just hangs out with the dog...isn't he so cute!
Jocelyn mixing away.
Adding the middles
Post oven
Post frosting and decorating...ready to enjoy!

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