Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Getting kind of excited!

My friend Erica was telling me about a homeschool group that she was a part of and she put a little plug into my ear and told could start a group too....(thanks Erica) starting on January 13...that is exactly what I am doing...and I am really excited to see how this goes.  My girls have quiet a few little "girl" friends that homeschool, but 99.9% of these little girl friends live over an hour or more away.  We need to get connected more with local homeschooling families.  Need to.  It has been a little harder to connect since we don't go to church here and most of our local friends have boys.  My girls don't seem to mind playing with boys and I enjoy the company of my friends, but they comment here and there that they wish they had more little girl friends here to play with. 

So far I have had a really good response to this new little group.  Mostly families with 6-7 year old boys, with a few little girls mixed in, so I am praying more families with girls will join.  I have so many fun ideas spinning in my head and just wondering how am I going to fit them all in.  I can't wait. 

If you are Lincoln local...and know of any families that home school with kids preschool age- 2nd grade-ish pass it along...who knows, maybe they are looking for a connection also.

I created a blog for this little group...check it out:  HERE.

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