Monday, December 5, 2011

Tis the season for yummy goodness!

We have a potluck at church every Sunday and my husband crowned me (7 years ago) as being the director of desserts.  This was before my days of having 4 kids...actually I believe we had zero kids at the time.  I would try fun different dessert recipe, however things have gone down hill since then, since I mostly resort to boxed brownies or cupcakes.   I am usually not motivated on Saturday night to cook new things...I barely feel like getting dinner on the table for our family...thank goodness for the local bar that has yummy pizza and Chinese up the road!

Anyways, my girls were away this weekend and my boys are pretty low maintenance and after cleaning out our shelf that holds our baking goodies...
                   I realized we have a lifetime supply of sprinkles and chocolate bark....

So here is what I came up with to bring for our yummy goodness!

Rice crispy treats...dipped in chocolate bark topped with sprinkles!

and rice crispy peanut butter balls

These are made with 1 jar of 7 oz marshmallow cream, 1 cup of creamy (not the low fat kind) of peanut butter-- melted together.  Then add in 1 1/2 -2 cups of rice crispies.  Form into balls.  Let set...and dip in chocolate bark.   I added pretzels for a little extra pizzazz! 

I have a MILLION recipes that I want to try with the kids this month....can't wait for my girls to get home and start baking away!!

**** Additional note....I created this post before I brought them to church....everything flew off of the plate as fast as you could count to well maybe 1000...the batch of peanut butter balls only made 20...I could have made them smaller I guess, but will probably double the recipe next time....everyone was asking for the recipe for these!!

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