Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Label your light!

We haven't been doing much of anything around here.  My husband says to stop whining...things could be worse...I know.  We went through this last year when the kids traded having chicken pox for a month...we have had visitors, traveled, sick kids, and I have been without a car during the day 2 1/2 weeks...soon to be 3.  Hopefully things will return to normal.....soon.  We have been getting a lot done at home these past few weeks...and I have had a lot of think time...probably way too much think time.  I have a "being bold" struggle going on right now....I would like to be bold in a family one (except for Sean and I) sees or cares to admit that anything is wrong...Sean has been told that it isn't his a believer is FORNICATING...yes it is our business....anyways... sorry for the has been eating away at me....I came across this little devotion today as I was reading...I am going to copy it word for word...(from Mom's Devotional Bible-- NIV version).

 You face a choice in life:  You can either eliminate the truth or illuminate it.  If you want to light the way to the Lord Jesus Christ for others, you can begin by evaluating the light you shine.  What kind of light are you?

Are you a candle?  Do you light the room about you, but are you vulnerable to other influences that might snuff out your flame?

Are you a floodlight?  Do you shine so strongly in people's eyes that they are blinded rather than enabled to see?

Are you a flashlight?  Do you click on only in emergencies?

Are you a chandelier?  Do you shine with beauty and make those around you look better?

What kind of light are you and how can you shine for Jesus Christ more effectively in your world?

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