Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rapunzel party!

I guess sometimes I need to think like a little girl...I tell my girls that when they meet someone dressed up as a character from a movie or on TV...that person is just imaginary...make-believe...not really THAT person...but they still treat that person as if they are real.  Kind of funny...I guess I am not a little girl anymore.  I will keep trying.  I guess we need to be careful to respect other kids' dreams too...they have told one too many other kids that Santa isn't real already....oops.

Anyways, I surprised my girls with a little Rapunzel party that was scheduled to take place at the Millard Library in Omaha, Nebraska.  I was really excited...I was hoping they would be too.  I told spread the word to several other friends and we all met up with our little princesses at this event.  Such a cute little...FREE....activity put on by the library.

You can also rent this gal to impersonate other princesses...or singing telegrams!!  I would love to send my husband one for his birthday...but I think he would be VERY embarrassed if I did...his employees would sure get a kick out of it though....I also love that she shares a little bit of the gospel on the main page of her website.. http://www.magicalprincessparties.net/

Rapunzel talking to the girls
She sang two songs...she was a very good singer.
They had 4 or 5 different crafts the girls could make...Jocelyn made a tower.
Katelyn made a wand.
Jocelyn waiting while Rapunzel signs her autograph

My girls with their little princess friends!  So fun!
I made a little card for the girls to have signed and bought a photo album for them...Rapunzel had her own pictures there to sign.
 Rapunzel singing!

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