Friday, December 2, 2011

Truth in the Tinsel: Our December activity!

This year we are working through the Truth in the Tinsel activity pack.  It features 24 activities that the kids can work on throughout the month of December.  There is a little bible story and ornament craft for each day.  If you have been reading my blog since the beginning you can read my thoughts on Christmas:  here.  I truly don't believe that Christ was born in the winter...nor December...and really bummed that Christmas lands on a pagan day honoring the god Saturn...but Thanksgiving's day is wrong I guess we can't get them all right. 

Anyways, my friend Erin at was advertising for this activity and we thought we would give it a try.

This activity does require a little extra work to get started...and if you are doing all of the activities, you need to make sure that your craft cabinet is fully stocked.  I started making a list of things I needed to get at the craft store, but after going through our craft area, I realized we are pretty much stocked and ready to go.  I will be improvising just a bit...but I think we will live!  

We only do school 4 times a week...and I do not plan on doing any activities on the we are doing 2-3 activities per day.  Sometimes we will even have to do 4.  I can't wait until we complete this unit pack!!  The girls are excited too!

Here are some pictures of us getting ready to go!

Instead of printing out all of the templates, I had the girls make little pictures for each day.  You can kind of see on my laptop what the little pictures that we were supposed to print out look like.  The girls did a really good job making these.

We then put the little pictures on our calendar.  Each day the girls will choose a number and this number will determine what ornament they will make.
The girls plugged away at the first two ornaments.  The first section of the bible we read was Isaiah 9:2-7.  It was a great passage to remind us who is the light of the world...the Prince of Peace...the Almighty!!  Jesus Christ!!

Jocelyn worked on a little candle.  We made this with tissue paper and then took it into our dark bathroom...talked about how the world was once dark...but then we turned on a flashlight and demonstrated how when Jesus was born...we was now the light for the world!
Katelyn worked on a little crown ornament....for our King of Kings!
Here is what our first two ornaments looked like:
Once the ornaments were dry, we hung them on a little line that I hung up in the kids' schoolroom/playroom.
Stay tuned for more of our little activities!  So much fun!

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