Friday, December 9, 2011

Truth in the Tinsel: Week 2

We are into the second week of our Truth in the Tinsel activity.  The girls look forward to it every day!  They love all of the little crafts and hearing about the stories leading up to the birth of Christ.  Here is a quick recap of this past week!  We do two activities (days) per day and each girl gets to do one craft per day.  I also posed some questions to well do you know the story leading up to the birth of Jesus Christ?  This is a great review for me too!!

Day 3:  Zechariah  -->  Read Luke 1:5-25
Do you know who Zechariah is and how he is important in the story of the birth of Christ?  Who is his wife?  Why on earth did we use a balloon for the mouth of Zechariah?  There is a you know it?
Day 4:  Gabriel (angel) -->Read Luke 1:26-38

Who is Gabriel?  What did he tell Elizabeth and Mary in the Bible?
Day 5:  Mary  -->Luke 1:26-38 (review)

What did Gabriel tell to Mary? 

This was a hard one to teach my girls.  We are starting at an early age by telling them they will not be having kids until they are married...I don't want to get into the s-e-x talk too this conversation will eventually shift gears when they are older..discussing what the Bible says about I am doing my best explaining the story how it was ok in this situation that Mary got pregnant without being married.

Day 6:  Mary & Elizabeth -->  Luke 1:39-45

Did you figure out who Mary and Elizabeth are?  What was Elizabeth's reaction when she saw Mary for the first time?  Amazing how the Holy Spirit was working on them!!

Day 7:  Song -->  Luke 1:46-56

Mary was so excited she sang a song...I wish I knew if it had a tune. 
Day 8:  Sun -->Luke 1:57-80

Who was Elizabeth's baby?  What was their baby's job?  We made a sun because Zechariah describes Jesus Christ as the "rising sun" coming from heaven to "shine on those living in darkness."

Day 9:  Joseph -->Matthew 1:18-24

Please tell me you know who Joseph was?  I am sure anyone who was about to get married to young lady would be upset if she turned up pregnant....thank goodness for his dream...

Day 10:  Dream Pillow-->Matthew 1:18-24 Review

Who spoke to Joseph in his dream?
 and whoola-- days 1-10 are complete!  Kind of a dark picture, but here is what we have so far!

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