Friday, December 16, 2011

Truth in the Tinsel: Days 11-17

We are on our third week of our Truth in the Tinsel unit study....and we are almost done!  As I mentioned last week the girls just love doing the little crafts each day and learning the real story about the birth of Christ. 

I might have a pop quiz next week of some sort to test your knowledge about the events surrounding the birth of Christ vs. what we see in movies, books, and commonly told stay might be shocked at what the Bible actually says.

Day 11:  Matthew 1:18-25

We discussed how God told Joseph what to name his little baby.  I was limited to grocery ads for this activity and couldn't find enough J's to put together the name Jesus, so the girls made out Christ instead.  We made little houses and put our families names around the house...because Christ is the center of our home!! 
Day 12:  Luke 2:1-7

On this day we discussed why Mary & Joseph went to Bethlehem to have baby Jesus.  Do you know why? 

Katelyn filled a little bag with a whole bunch of dark beads (representing all of the people in Bethlehem) and then she put in 3 little white beads representing Jesus, Mary, & Joseph.  It was supposed to represent how little they were in this large city...however they weren't so little after all were they?

Day 13: (same reading as day 12)

We discussed about Bethlehem and how it means the "house of bread."  Hmmmm....Jesus Christ also called himself the "bread of life" in John 6:35...Coincidence that he was born in Bethlehem?

Day 14:  (same as 12 & 13)

The Bible does not say anywhere that Jesus was born in a stable...however mangers are typically animal feeding troughs, so that is why we think he was born where animals Jocelyn made a stable ornament.

Day 15:  still in Luke!

This was a fun little my yesterdays post on the exact details....  but the girls both made little mangers with baby Jesus in it. 
Day 16:  Still in Luke!

Katelyn made a little baby wrapped in cloth...Mary wrapped baby Jesus in cloth when he was born.  This is how the shepherds were to recognize him.

Day 17:  Luke 2:8-20

We read about the shepherds today.  How many shepherds came to visit Jesus, Mary, & Joseph.  We don't know exactly...the Bible doesn't say.

and there you have it!

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