Friday, November 4, 2011

Amphibians & Reptiles

These past few weeks the kids have been studying amphibians and reptiles.  I am learning right along with them.  We have had so much fun discovering the differences between amphibians and reptiles...and we dug a little deeper into the differences between turtles vs. tortoises, alligators vs. crocodiles, lizards vs. salamanders, and we had a little unit on snakes.  We even saw a " my opinion" snake in our lives under our slide....lovely.  I hate snakes.  We then wrapped up the unit by discussing where and how animals hibernate.  Since it is getting cold out there, I thought it was a suiting topic...and hopefully our snakes that are in our yard are hibernating...forever!

I have discovered that our library system has some awesome resources, as well as YouTube.  My kids and I just love watching videos on each of the little creatures that we studied...there is so much out there.  National Geographic online has some wonderful videos as well.

We did quiet a few activities relating to each of these topics.  I didn't take pictures of everything...sorry!

The girls (and I) made little lizards out of beads.

Studying about hibernation....thanks for the great printouts!
Our wall-o-art!

Making snakes with play-do

I also introduced each thing with a fun snack and the kids had to guess what we were studying.  Some creations were a bit tricky...but they were able to guess them all!
Hibernation...can't you tell the bear is going into his marshmallow cave and the snake is underground?? 
Next unit....thankfulness and I really don't know:)

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