Monday, November 7, 2011

Family Photos Fall 2011!

Do ever stress about something so much it drives you....and your family completely crazy?  Well my big stress for this fall....hardly a stress really, but I had this dream that I wanted to get one good family photo.  Just one.  That is all I wanted.  I know I can shoot my kids on my own, but I just thought maybe...once....we could get everyone to smile and look at the camera for one single photo.  My dear, sweet friend Megan has her own little photography business and was willing to take on our little family.  Bless her heart...she had to deal with a little 2 year old who would hardly crack a smile and me...who apparently smiles goofy in photos.  I practice...I really do...but when it comes down to it I look completely different in front of the camera.  It is still a mystery to me.  Maybe the stress of wondering if all of the kids are smiling.  Then there was a little baby that can hardly sit still...who loves grass and wanted to just eat it all up.  So we tried.  Maybe some day when the kids are all 10 and up we will get that one family photo of all of us...smiling....looking at the camera...and me not looking dorky.  Here are few photos from the photo shoot.  I edited a few using Photoshop and  Enjoy!

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