Friday, November 11, 2011

Pilgrims, Mayflower...and a little bit of this!

These past few weeks we have slowly gotten into our Thanksgiving Unit.  The kids and I have studied the history behind the Mayflower and about the different families that came over on the Mayflower.  Some great stories out there about this topic and the different families!   My girls love hearing about what the little pilgrim girls had to endure. We still have a lot to cover and hopefully we will get to the first Thanksgiving celebration before Thanksgiving hits for us!  Not very many pictures, as we have been doing a lot of reading and watching of YouTube videos.  Here are a few things that we have worked on these past few weeks:

 Our "thankful" leaves.  The kids are writing what they are thankful for on a leaf and we are displaying them around the back patio door...these are Jocelyn and Easton's...Katelyn's did not photograph due to the sun.  Some sweet things that are thankful for!

 My little pilgrim girls....they made pilgrim hats!
 I didn't have enough paper for Easton to have a I used the scraps...he didn't seem to mind:)
(above)  Easton working on his letters....he loves participating in school....if Katelyn gets up from her desk....he snatches her chair and waits until it is his turn.  So sweet!

 The girls competing against each other on spelling and addition problems. 
Jocelyn working on her "ai" words. 
Can't forget about my little climber boy...

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