Monday, November 28, 2011

Weston is 1 years old!

My sweet little baby boy is 1 today!  Boy has this year flown by fast!  He is so precious to us and couldn't imagine our lives any other way!  We can't wait to see him grow up and see where the Lord leads him to go in his life!  I can't wait to watch our boys bond with each other in brotherhood.

We enjoyed cake and ice cream for his birthday!  Oooops...forgot to buy him a present...:(  so no opening present pictures except for at a little family party that Sean's family threw for the kids back in September ! 

Some milestones for our little guy--
  • He is a full time walker how that makes him seem a lot older.  
  • He is eating people food pretty much full time as well and I have almost weaned him from formula-- yeah!!
  • He only has 2 teeth.  He is probably following in Jocelyn's footsteps in the tooth department.   She had only 4 teeth when she turned 2. 
  • He can say a few words such as more, night night, mama, dada, and something for dog.
  • He likes to fight with his brother.  
  • He gets mad when another kid are hogging me...and fights them off in any way that he can.
  • I think his favorite person (besides me) is Sean and my dad.  He does not like my mom yet...or really very many other people.  
  • Jocelyn is his best friend right now.
  • He likes to hand out raspberries on my tummy...he thinks it is just about the funniest thing.
  • He like to play in the dog water and eat dog food.
               Happy birthday to our sweet little guy!

My 11 lb baby boy!!

Opening present at a birthday party back in September!
I made him a cake with a train on it!
Not sure about this hat thing...all of our other kids wore this hat for their first birthday!
Ready to eat cake and ice cream!

Enjoyed every single bite!

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