Friday, November 18, 2011

The Pilgrims and Thanksgiving!

Well this has been a short week of school...really short.  We spent an extended weekend in Southern know it was the opening weekend for deer rifle.  Duh!  :) My husband doesn't have anywhere local to hunt, so I am always excited for him, when we can go down there so he can hunt with his family.  Last year was a complete bust...well not really because we were blessed with Weston, but he wasn't able to hunt.  I felt so bad for him.  He didn't have enough time to kill anything this year....bummer.  I think he had a good time though.  He had a flight to catch to New Jersey, so his time was cut short...maybe next year. 
Anyways, we came home with sick kids, so school was whatever I could squeeze out.  Since the hubby was out of town we even did school in the evening.  Mostly just little arts and craft projects.  We read, read, and read some more about the pilgrims.  Such fascinating stuff.  We studied the Billington family...they were the rudest, and crudest of the entire Mayflower bunch.  The girls enjoyed learning about that family for some reason. 
There are quiet a few good resources online that we have come across but our favorite is from Scholastic:  First Thanksgiving.   There are quiet a few YouTube videos also.  Our favorite one was a little tour of the Plimoth Plantation:  here

These little turkey's were made by tracing the hands of our four kids....kind of cute!

Got this little craft idea and template from:  DLTK's website
Our leaves featuring what the kids are thankful for...hard to photograph...but fun to see what is on their hearts.
I always like surprising the kids with fun snacks...this is made using a pre-made rice krispy treat.
And another fun lunch...can you believe they couldn't figure out what this was...seriously?!...maybe it was the legs....they only ate the fruit and one touched their circle sandwich...probably because they were all sick. 
And that is all folks...short week...another short week next week...but hopefully December will bring more of a routine.

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